Recently I’ve made some changes in my career paths and have switched focus to being a full time activist and representative for fashion, mental health, and sexual assault survivor organizations. For this post I’m going to talk about my recent transition into being a fashion brand ambassador.

As an eco-fashion activist, I am always on the lookout for companies that use sustainable materials, build products that are fit to last, and have ethical working conditions. In this modern age, it is close to impossible to finding a brand that meets ALL of these criteria, especially if you are working within the main fashion industry (that is, companies that do not make it their single goal to be sustainable and ethical in all their ways).

So I have to do a bit of research to figure out what brands are reputable and which are not. This takes a lot of research, time, and effort, so in part to embrace this exploration, I’ve taken on the move to become a brand ambassador for several (and growing) fashion companies.

The perks of me doing so for the public are these:

  • You get promotion codes for brands that are high in trend right now.
  • I review the brand in their sustainability ratings.
  • I fish through these throwaway brands and promote brands (long term) that I think are genuinely contributing to a better Earth

One question you might ask is this: How can you support eco-fashion and the minimalist wardrobe life if you’re a haute fashion promoter piling your own wardrobe with paid promotions and retail products?

The answer being: I only accept and promote products and materials that I consider to be sustainable in my style, company ethics, or lifestyle.  Having learned what my personal style is (a step that is taken before compiling a wardrobe) and being always up to date with what I have in my closet, I know exactly what kinds of items and things will add depth and poignance to my style without replicating a mass amount of unnecessary items that will end up going into the trash. The goal is to AVOID doing that at all costs.

I also support brands that will be based in small, independent designers or boutique options. Never will you see me promoting a fast fashion company from the mall (which are most accessible, but the very worst ethically wise).

This is a fun process, and I hope to learn a few things, educate more, and promote the  equally ethically, sexy, trendy brands along the way!

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